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Find The Best Natural Handmade Soaps That Are Gentle On Your Skin

Using soap is considered to be the difference between a rinse and a bath. Soap doesn’t just remove dirt from your skin, it also clears dead skin cells. That said, not all soaps are created equal. So how do you choose the best soap for your skin?

Firstly, there’s a choice between commercial soaps and handmade soaps. Natural handmade soaps use purer ingredients, are free from synthetic fragrance and colors and are hypoallergenic.

Handmade soaps are also sulphate-free and thus do not harm the skin in any way. These handmade soap benefits make them the better choice. Then, you need to consider your skin type.

Soaps For Oily Skin

Sebum is a natural oil secreted by the skin. People with skin that produces higher amounts of sebum may see an oily sheen on their skin and find themselves prone to frequent acne breakouts. You cannot control the amount of oil produced by your skin but your choice of soap can help deal with the excess oil. In such cases, use soaps that are gentle on the skin and have a mild exfoliating effect.

The Bodytree Papaya Soap is one of the handmade soaps in India ideal for oily skin. This CP soap contains papain, a natural enzyme that scrubs away dead skin cells and regulates oil production.

Soaps To Detox

If you find yourself frequently fighting acne breakouts and skin infections, you should consider using a detox soap. These soaps don’t just clean the surface of the skin but draw out pollutants, dirt, excess sebum and bacteria from deep in the skin’s pores.

Try the Bodytree Activated Charcoal Soap. Free from synthetic fragrance and colors, this soap deep cleans pores and performs an oil balancing function in addition to keeping your skin clean.

By cleansing the skin of free radicals and pollutants, it acts as a detoxing agent. Once a week, you could also use the Bodytree Charcoal Mask with Organic Honey.

Soaps For Dry Skin

Having dry skin implies that the skin isn’t producing enough sebum. Excessive dryness can increase the risk of infections and allow moisture to evaporate at a faster rate from the skin. Thus, you need a soap that hydrates and moisturizes the skin. Soaps with natural oils such as coconut oil or castor oil are ideal choices in such cases.

The Bodytree Aloe and Lavender soap is a great example of natural soap for dry skin.

It not only keeps your skin moisturized for longer, but it also fights issues like dandruff that are triggered by a dry scalp. Yes – handmade soap benefits can be experienced on your skin as well as your scalp.

This soap does not have any synthetic fragrances but it does contain a lavender essential oil that calms the skin and envelops you in an aromatic cloud. Follow it up with the moisturizing Bodytree Nourish Body Butter.

Soaps For Normal Skin

If you don’t find your skin too oily or too dry, it can be categorized as normal skin. What you need is a soap that moisturizes the skin while removing all dead cells. When your skin is clean, it automatically has a healthy glow and acne breakouts are dramatically reduced.

The Bodytree Coconut Milk and Honey soap work well on this skin type. This cold process soap contains the goodness of coconut, palm and castor oils as well as organic honey, lye and lavender and Ylang Ylang essential oils.

The process of handmade soaps making with such ingredients lets each of them offer unique benefits. This soap doesn’t just moisturize your skin, it nourishes it too and makes it appear more radiant.

Soaps For Acne-Prone Skin

Some people are more prone to frequent acne breakouts and blemishes as compared to others. Acne could be triggered by clogged pores, excessive sebum, sweat trapped in the epidermis, etc. Washing your face frequently with the right soap can help curb these breakouts to a great extent. Ideally, you need a soap that’s fortified with antibacterial and antifungal properties. These are details that you can find out from the handmade soap’s packaging.

For example, the Bodytree Tropical Garden soap contains neem and basil oil. Both these ingredients are known for their ability to fight bacterial and fungal infections. Thus, using this soap can help reduce acne and fight rashes and allergies. It also contains hydrating natural oils that keep your skin moisturized.

Soaps to Exfoliate Skin

If your skin looks dull and lifeless, there might be an accumulation of dead cells on the surface. Exfoliating your skin can help remove these dead cells and bring back your natural radiance.

Try the Bodytree Spicy Twist. The sulfate free soap has two wonder ingredients that revive natural radiance – coffee grinds and cinnamon essential oil.

Coffee is an excellent exfoliant with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. It clears the dead skin and keeps your pores from getting clogged.

Cinnamon essential oil is an antioxidant that fights damage caused by free radicals and has strong antibacterial properties. This paraben-free, phthalate-free handmade soap is gentle and safe for all skin types.

Soaps For Sensitive Skin

Some of you may have skin that reacts to the slightest irritant. Your skin may appear normal but using the wrong product may cause inflammation or make your skin look dull. In such cases, you need a gentle soap.

Avoid exfoliating soaps unless told to use one by a dermatologist. Look for soaps with ingredients that have healing properties.

Take the Bodytree Tranquility soap for example. Along with a combination of hydrating oils, it contains turmeric. Turmeric is known for its healing properties. It also contains essential oils of patchouli and cedarwood. These help calm the mind and body.

When your mind and body are calm, your skin relaxes as well. With regular use of such a soap, you’ll notice not only reduced inflammation but also a brighter overall skin tone.

Soap for a Baby

A baby’s skin is more sensitive than adult skin. You need a special soap that is gentle on the skin. Even as an adult, you may have very sensitive skin that requires special attention.

The Bodytree Coconut Cream soap would be ideal in such situations. This gentle soap is made up mostly of coconut cream that makes the soap gentle and rich in Vitamin E. In addition, the soap has a subtle aroma of vetrivert oil that calms the nerves.

Choosing The Right Soap For You

There isn’t a single soap that is right for all people with oily skin or all people with dry skin. Your skin has unique needs. You must also take into account seasonal changes. You may have oily skin in summers and dry skin in winters. Thus, you need to choose your soaps accordingly.

What’s most important is to always read the ingredients on the packaging and pick a soap that uses 100% natural ingredients and no petrochemicals, parabens, sulfates or synthetic colors and fragrances. Chemicals can have a long-lasting effect on your skin and should be avoided as far as possible.

Your skin will tell you when you’ve found the right soap. It’ll glow with a natural radiance and you’ll feel it become brighter. So, take a closer look at your soap today and choose to go natural.