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A unique feel in self-care! Demystifying the aura around ‘ traditional’ charm and honestly claiming what it does- providing care and protection in a way that is closest to your elements! They look plain and simple but that’s because they are worth much in quality and don’t need to lure you with looks ! Appreciate the eco- friendly procedures followed from production to despatch and highly recommend this body care experience.

The best soap, been using them for years. Lovely fragrances, great on skin, a real pleasure to use them.

Have gifted them to friends with sensitive skin for whom finding good soaps have been difficult. Heard that these were first made by the seller for a baby in the family, so these soaps are truly a labour of love.

Body Tree Naturals is an experience than a product. After using the product one will understand none of their claims, be it organic or be it environmental friendly, are marketing gimmicks. Body Tree Naturals is 100 percent true to their philosophy, “gentle on skin, gentle on earth”.

I trust products from ‘Body Tree Naturals’. Each ingredient which goes into the products are hand picked ensuring the quality. Love the packaging and am excited every time I recieve one from Body Tree. Sensuous, wicked and righteousness all coming together in each and every pack…😍😊

Excellent high quality products created with personal care by a brilliant young woman inspired by a very genuine authentic need to give the best for her own child that she decided to share with the world as a brand! Pleased to meet you and Body Tree, Dr.Ranjini Krishnan! Thanks!

So happy!! Finally found something I could use on my body blindly, every single time! Thank you, Bodytree!! It’s perfect for my dryness prone skin, in these humid weather conditions! I love tranquility the best!! My mother has also started using it, after so much push from my side. Once she tried it there was no going back! I loved the brand so much that my gifting choices were made simple!! All my gift-receivers loved it too! Give yourself a treat by starting with the range of Bodytree products.

I am a regular customer of BodyTree soaps since last 4+ years.
I have dry/sensitive skin and because of it I used to use a mix of ayurvedic powders instead of soaps earlier for many years. Regular soaps used to dry up my skin badly. Four years back, my friend introduced BodyTree to me and I thought to give a try. Since then me and my family have been using BodyTree soaps regularly. I am perfectly happy with this soap as I found it is really not hard on my skin. With sensitive skin, I had to make sure that I use a genuine bath product with natural ingredients and with no hard additives. Glad that I found BodyTree. We have been using it for our little one too since her 6th month and found this soap is very much soothing and gentle for her tender skin. It’s the perfect one if you are looking for a reliable soap for your baby. It gives good foam while bathing. We have tried almost all of its flavours. For the little one we prefer the “Unscented Butter”, whereas ‘Tranquillity’ fragranced is the one I personally like most.
Happy to be a regular customer of BodyTree…

Body Tree products are close to Nature.closest as I must say.Ranjini came to make this for her baby and so it was carefully sculpted
Simple and healthy with soft fragrance it reminds a flowering Tree.
Its really beautiful and even Poetic.

“We’ve purchased soaps from Body Tree Naturals as a gift for our colleagues on our company anniversary. The soaps came nicely packed in gift bags, while the green packaging was a plus. The quality of the products was excellent, not to mention the prompt and timely delivery. These are great gift-worthy products, and of course, we recommend the brand. Thanks, Team Body Tree!”

Body Tree has mastered the art of soap making and created a niche with high quality ingredients for their organic & fragrant products, in tune with the natural culture of the region.

Ok, I’m a fan! We live in lovely Johannesburg where the weather is dry and skin is prone to dermatitis Since my 3 kids have allergy prone skin, we use ‘payar-podi’ or a fragrance- free, beauty-free, lather-free, cream/ointment called Epizone E instead of soap. Though it keeps their skin intact, bath time is not fun and not as refreshing as it should be. In 2016 my best friend sent me this package of Body Tree soaps and we fell in love!! For the first time, my kids have soaps they can lather up and enjoyyyy! And we love its texture -its so soft- made of all the good things in nature and a lovely way to thank your skin for covering and protecting else inside you body My favorite is the ‘spicy twist’- love love LOVE the scent I gave some to my friends here and they are all converts So, cheers to Body Tree!

I bought bodytree body butter as an alternate choice to big brands that use parabans and other harmful chemicals. The product is amazing and gentle, subtle and graceful on skin. The service of the company is exceptional too. I strongly recommend the product.

When we started Cranganor our boutique resort, the rooms were stocked with Body Tree soap, scrub and butter. Body Tree has now become part of the Cranganor experience. There is a passion and soul to what Body Tree creates. They are rich, natural, healing and packed with goodness of the earth.

Working with body tree for a customised soap for an art project was flawless especially just before the Covid which made things difficult and different for us in times of FEAR… The same charm and beauty we experience in a natural flow while using there products personally, thank you body tree.

I started using Body Tree Naturals products in the year 2019, especially soaps, and they are just amazing! Before that, it used to take so much effort in finding the right products for my skin as it’s uneven but their products are just perfect. If you love your skin then you have best organic products in such affordable prices here at Body Tree! Recommending everyone to just go for these.

I purchased soaps from BodyTree as wedding favours & received them in beautiful, rustic, personalised packaging. The soaps were rich and fragrant, gentle and refreshing on the skin. In fact the soaps were so gentle that the soap didn’t even sting my eyes. I later purchased the Pure Butter Soap for my new born baby.

I am in love with these mellow smelling delicious soaps. They are absolutely great. I like it because they are chemical free and its really hard to find something natural which won’t harm your skin these days. If anyone who feels its pricey think of the skin issues caused by cheap soaps that in turn put a hole in your pocket. I highly recommend it as a gift you can give to your friends and family. Thanks Body tree for your lovely product and keep up the good work.

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