BodyTree products do not lead to bio-accumulation. They are made with natural and organic ingredients that are totally safe for repeated use on the body. They do not expose your body to unwanted chemicals in the form of colorants, preservatives, and perfumes. They are free from parabens, phthalates, phosphates and sulphates.



No fancy ingredients. No false promises.
BodyTree products are simple.
Our ingredient label is the proof to this claim.



BodyTree products do not pollute the soil or the water bodies. We are aware of the carbon footprint we leave on our planet and have taken pro-active measures to reduce the same.

Our Story

BodyTree is a socially committed enviromentally conscious skin and hair care line. Our products are born when traditional wisdom is combined with tropical herbs, nourishing butters and healing oils. Formulated to avoid harsh chemicals and synthetic ingreidnts this is small batch skin care at it’s best.

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We’ve purchased soaps from Body Tree Naturals as a gift for our colleagues on our company anniversary. The soaps came nicely packed in gift bags, while the green packaging was a plus. The quality of the products was excellent, not to mention the prompt and timely delivery. These are great gift-worthy products, and of course, we recommend the brand. Thanks, Team Body Tree!

Meera Moorkkoth

Co-founder, Coffeegraphy Content Solutions

When we started Cranganor our boutique resort, the rooms were stocked with Body Tree soap, scrub and butter. Body Tree has now become part of the Cranganor experience. There is a passion and soul to what Body Tree creates. They are rich, natural, healing and packed with goodness of the earth.

Rasmi Poduval & Vineeth Viswambharan

Founders, Cranganor History café & Riverside château

Working with body tree for a customized soap for an art project was flawless especially just before the Covid which made things difficult and different for us in times of FEAR… The same charm and beauty we experience in a natural flow while using there products personally, thank you body tree.

Zoya Riyas & Riyas Komu

Founder Directors, Uru Art Harbour

Body Tree has mastered the art of soap making and created a niche with high quality ingredients for their organic & fragrant products, in tune with the natural culture of the region.

Ravi Dee Cee

CEO, DC Books

I purchased soaps from BodyTree as wedding favours & received them in beautiful, rustic, personalised packaging. The soaps were rich and fragrant, gentle and refreshing on the skin. In fact the soaps were so gentle that the soap didn’t even sting my eyes. I later purchased the Pure Butter Soap for my new born baby.

Rajashree Rajan


I started using Body Tree Naturals products in the year 2019, especially soaps, and they are just amazing! Before that, it used to take so much effort in finding the right products for my skin as it’s uneven but their products are just perfect. If you love your skin then you have best organic products in such affordable prices here at Body Tree! Recommending everyone to just go for these.

Meenakshi Vashisth


Ok, I’m a fan! We live in lovely Johannesburg where the weather is dry and skin is prone to dermatitis Since my 3 kids have allergy prone skin, we use ‘payar-podi’ or a fragrance- free, beauty-free, lather-free, cream/ointment called Epizone E instead of soap. Though it keeps their skin intact, bath time is not fun and not as refreshing as it should be. In 2016 my best friend sent me this package of Body Tree soaps and we fell in love!! For the first time, my kids have soaps they can lather up and enjoyyyy! And we love its texture -its so soft- made of all the good things in nature and a lovely way to thank your skin for covering and protecting else inside you body My favorite is the ‘spicy twist’- love love LOVE the scent I gave some to my friends here and they are all converts So, cheers to Body Tree!

Sharon Nettikadan


Body Tree products are close to Nature. As closest as it could get I must say. Simple and healthy with soft fragrance it reminds me of a flowering Tree. Its really beautiful and even Poetic.

V M Girija


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